Environment Idaman Sdn. Bhd.

Logo Environment Idaman

Environment Idaman Sdn.  Bhd. is a subsidiary company of  E-Idaman Sdn Bhd. Incorporated 12 January 2004 as a special purpose vehicle to manage and operate the concession avtivities.

Concession Scope of  Work

Environment Idaman Sdn. Bhd. is responsible for collecting and disposal of municipal solid waste and public cleansing implement such as grass cutting, drains cleaning, roads sweeping and cleaning of illegal dumped solid waste.


The Logo

The metaphor of the elegant and beautiful butterfly is taken as an icon to represent the epitome of the ideal environment. Its uniqueness surpasses other, as it begins from the humblest form of caterpillar, eating fresh leaves until it begins its next transformative journey into cocoon, introverted methamorphing and changing and finally, ending its natural cycle by emerging as one of the nature’s visual splendor for all to enjoy. This evolution depicts diversity hence the suitability of the butterfly as a visual and recognizable icon of change.

Colours chosen run harmoniously with the icon :

A colour of calmness and cleanliness. The colour of sky and water where all is reassuringly cleanse.

The colour of peace and resourcefulness found in the balance and harmonious flora and fauna of the perfect ecosystem.

Vibrant and energetic. As crimson as the sun, the main source for life and vitality

The icon symbolizes calmness transformed to a rich, vibrant and resourceful operatus to create the utopionic dream of the ideally refreshing environment. Only in such an arctypical atmosphere can a butterfly fly free.