Manager of Integrity & Governance


  • Responsible to ensure the need for urgency, expertise, and efficiency in managing corruption risk management, abuse of power and mismanagement in the organization.

  • Responsible to execute the core function of Integrity & Governance Unit (IGU) effectively without being influenced by anyone from within or outside the organization.

  • Responsible to avoid elements of rejection, pressure, isolation, denial, or inappropriate action on the part of the organization.

  • Responsible to advise Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and top management on matters of integrity, corruption, and abuse of power.

  • Responsible to develop an organization's anti-corruption plan that outlines the series of action plan to be undertaken.

  • Responsible to manage tasks related to the management of organization integrity from time to time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Responsible to undertake benchmarking with other organization on integrity programs with the objective of enhancing improvement.

  • To create an integrity system on handling complaints and to ensure that action is taken against all complaints regarding criminal misdemeanour, corruption, abuse of power and embezzlement including violation of organizational conduct and ethics.

  • Responsible to supervise and take affirmative action against complaints of criminal misconduct, corruption, abuse of power and misappropriation in the organization and ensuring appropriate action is taken by IGU.

  • Plan implement and coordinate programs to strengthen integrity through the practice of values and ethics to staff in the organization.

  • Responsible to ensure best governance practices are implemented for staff in the organization whilst addressing the integrity issues corruption, abuse of power and embezzlement.



  • Candidates must possess at least Degree in Business Administration/Finance/Law or any other equivalent qualification.

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in management capacity with audit experience preferably with good communication skills, analytical and investigative skills.

  • Possess ACEIO (Malaysian Certified Integrity Officer) certification from Malaysian Anti Corrupti0n Academy (MACA).

  • Expert in corruption prevention, fraud, integrity development and act as catalyst in organization to promote an integrity working culture.

  • Knowledge of Financial Reporting Standards, law enforcement that govern the Group of Companies and corruption risk assessment.

  • Knowledge of integrity and governance, risk is an advantage


Work Location : Alor Setar, Kedah

Closing Date    : 30th November 2020