Launching of "Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN)" Program

24 Sep 19

Location: TH Hotel & Convention Centre, Alor Setar.

VIP(s): YBrs. Tuan Haji Zamri Bin Salleh, Deputy Chief Secretary of KPKT; YBrs. Dr. Rasyid Bin Buyong Hamzah, Deputy Director General Department of Skills Development; YBrs. Tuan Haji Ismail Bin Mokhtar, Chief Executive Officer SWCorp, YBrs. Tuan Zaki Abdul Aziz Daud, Director of E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd.

Participants: E-Idaman Group of Companies, SWCorp and the apprentice of SLDN.

Objective(s): The main objective of SLDN is to produce knowledgeable workers (K-Workers) which the selected employees are acquired with 3 major competencies which are technical, social and humanitarian as well  as methodologies and learning. SLDN is a method based on industry-driven training concept which is operated through collaboration between companies and training institutions. SLDN can be implemented by the collaboration between Skill Training Centre (PLK) and the company internal training division (in-house) methods.

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