My Idaman River

My Idaman River
07 Mar 20

Location: Taman Rekreasi Sungai Kechor  and Esplanade Kangar Waterfront, Perlis

VIP(s): Dr. Siti Khadijah Za’aba , UNIMAP Sustainable Campus Coordinator

Participants: Participants from government, private agencies and higher education institutions.

Objective(s): ‘My Idaman River’ is a  program organized by E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. in collaboration with the Perlis State Department of Irrigation & Drainage, SWCorp Perlis and the University Malaysia Perlis. The program was held in the vicinity of Kechor River Recreation Park and Kangar Waterfront Esplanade with a total number of 70 participants. The program is an ongoing initiative by the company to raise awareness on the importance of protecting the environment especially rivers. About 140 kilograms of municipal solid waste and 29 kilograms of  recyclable materials were collected during the program.


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