Newspaper Cutting 2016

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January 2016

» Perak Bin Distribution : Star Metro, 7 January 2016
» Penswastaan Sisa Pepejal : Sinar Harian, 10 January 2016
» E-Idaman Urus Sisa Pepejal Di Gugusan Manjoi : Berita Harian, 12 January 2016
» E-Idaman Sedia Beli SIsa Buangan Kitar Semula : Harian Metro, 18 January 2016
» Syarikat Angkat Sampah Mesti Tingkat Keselamatan Pekerja : Berita Harian, 23 January 2016

February 2016

» Envi Adakan Kutipan Tambahan Sampah : Sinar Harian, 2 February 2016
» Operasi Kutipan Envi Ditambah : Sinar Harian, 4 February 2016

May 2016

» Peserta Wajib Bawa 20 Botol, 10 Tin Kosong : Sinar Harian, 2 May 2016
» Ganjaran Jika Asing Sampah : Sinar Harian, 7 May 2016
» Kesedaran Urus Sisa Pepejal Dipertingkat : Berita Harian, 9 May 2016
» Rakyat Digesa Amal Budaya 3R : Sinar Harian, 9 May 2016
» Kitar Semula Beri Impak Pembangunan Negara : Harian Metro, 9 May 2016
» Dapat Ganjaran Jika Asing Sisa Sampah : Sinar Harian, 10 May 2016

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