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Solid Waste Collection
Public Cleansing Services
Green Resources Recovery
Integrated Green Composting Facility
Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility
  • ENVI Solid Waste Collection

    ENVI Solid Waste Collection services covers domestic and non-hazardous wastes from households, commercial and other relevant premises where applicable and designated in the concession agreement and stipulated by the Solid Waste Corporation (SWcorp) accordingly.

  • Public Cleansing Services

    Public Cleansing Services covers the cleansing activities on designated public roads, drainages and commercial business district areas where applicable. These activities cover the maintenance of grass in the designated areas and the overall cleanliness in public areas such as hawker’s centres, beaches and even floating rubbish at designated beaches.

    Both services are carried out strictly as per the stipulated Key Performance Indicators in the Concession Agreements to ensure that the desired standard of cleanliness and waste management are achieved.

    As such, to attain to the standard of services expected, it is ENVI’s responsibility to invest in the necessary skilled and non-skilled manpower, state of the art equipment and machineries in the waste management operations.

  • Green Resources Recovery

    Material Recovery Service is related mainly in the recycling of recyclable wastes from the designated concession area that ENVI covers.

    It is the responsibility of ENVI to engage the public and create the awareness for the need to increase the rate of waste recycling as this will ensure the sustainability of the overall waste management strategies in all the concession areas in the 2 states.

    This is in line with the Government aspiration towards the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle approach in sustaining the management of wastes by targeting the national recycle rate to be at 22% by the year 2020.

  • Integrated Green Composting Facility

    Integrated Green Composting Facility is an activity that involve the process of aerobic decomposition of biodegradable organic fractions that produces an end product of beneficial humus which can be used as high grade soil conditioner, which is normally termed as ‘compost’.

    ENVI embarked on the composting producing facility as part of ENVI’s commitments towards preserving the environment through the reduction of waste to be dumped at landfills.

  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility

    Solid waste management was intended to solve solid waste issues due to non-availability of the proper landfill and collection system. As most publics will dispose their waste at the illegal dumping site while some of them will use the traditional method like burning or burying it, These activities is harmful to the environment and also will ruin the scenery for tourists attraction.  

    Thus the Cowtec CMT 500 had been chosen to address these issues. This system will not only help to reduce wastes being dumped into land field, but also provide instant bio-fertilizer and biogas production after the start-up period. This machine works as one time self-sustaining with proprietary blend of food and microbes whereby no top up of microbes is required after the system being activated and start-up. This machine is suitable for all type of organic wastes such as food wastes, farm wastes and animal’s manure.